Our Process


No two investors are alike, so why would our approach be any different?



The path to investment success is filled with unseen obstacles. EPIQ is here to help navigate.


Our diligent approach to financial analysis allows us to design investment solutions that meet our partners’ specific needs and aspirations.


EPIQ uses three models designed to guide portfolio development. Model positions are purchased with an emphasis on the valuation paid and are regularly monitored for progress.



EPIQ preservation

Low volatility with stable returns

A conservative portfolio centered on the preservation of capital in inflation-adjusted terms. Investments consist of direct and pooled exposure to high-quality corporate, government, agency and municipal debt securities.


Total return investment tool

A diversified portfolio consisting of individual equity and debt positions, broad-based, low cost ETFs and other pooled vehicles. Investments include income-producing securities from issuers with stable cash flows and predictable income streams.

EPIQ appreciation

Long-term capital appreciation

An aggressive, equity-oriented portfolio consisting of individual positions in well-researched companies, complemented with broad market exposure through low cost ETFs and other pooled vehicles. Investments focus on leading companies with disruptive or competitive advantages, backed by solid financials and proven management.



true partnership

We invest in the same opportunities as our clients, sharing the ups and downs together.